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Our Story

For more than 75 years, Comeau’s Sea Foods Limited has been a mainstay in the Canadian seafood industry. We are proud of our record as leaders in the harvesting, processing, and global distribution of fish and seafood products. We have pushed our boundaries using enhanced communications and secure transportation systems to reach out to customers and suppliers all over the world.


Comeau’s Sea Foods Group of Companies was founded by Bernardin J. Comeau and Clarence Comeau in 1946. Today, a variety of business activities serves loyal retail, food service, and industrial customers in the areas of harvesting, processing, bottling, and distribution of quality fish and food products. Our product line includes scallops, herring, herring meal, and oil. Our value-added product lines include bacon-wrapped scallops, Comeau's smoked salmon products, Willy Krauch smoked fish products, smoked mackerel, salt fish, breaded scallops, seafood spreads, seafood chowders, crab cakes, and fish cakes. Our commitment to being the best in harvesting and processing seafood has also led us to expand into services that complement our industry. These services include industrial-grade metal fabrication and machining, ship repair, and maintenance services. We also carry a wide variety of industrial supplies, Benjamin Moore paint, and paint accessories, as well as a great selection of both fresh and frozen seafood products in our local stockroom.

We're proud to uphold our reputation for consistent, superior seafood products by adhering to strict practices while being recognized as innovators of great-tasting quality seafood obtained in an environmentally responsible manner.




1946 marked the beginning of Comeau's Sea Foods. Strong-willed and determined to make his mark in the small fishing region of la Baie Sainte-Marie, Nova Scotia, Bernardin Comeau worked tirelessly to create a footprint that has served as the foundation for what Comeau’s Sea Foods is today.

Having his son, Marcel R. Comeau, join the company business actualized the strong family values that meant so much to Bernardin but it was also a stepping-stone for bringing youth and new vision to the company. Together they sought out new markets, developed new products, and surrounded themselves with hard-working people from Acadian communities throughout South-West Nova Scotia.

Marcel took over as company president in 1981. Kind-hearted, loyal, and dedicated to the family company, Marcel became a president that people in the company and the community could look up to.


Marcel Comeau & Bernardin J. Comeau


Noël Després, President & CEO

Looking towards the future

Bernardin and Marcel knew that the addition of Noël Després to the Comeau’s Sea Foods organization in 1978 was essential for the continuation and diversification of the future of the company. In 2014, unforeseen circumstances saw Noël step into Marcel’s shoes to become the new president of Comeau’s Sea Foods. Humbled by his acquired role, Noël remains fully aware of the strength of the roots that Bernardin planted so many years ago and he understands the paths that he and Marcel travelled to bring the company to where it stands today.


Not a day goes by that Noël doesn’t hear the echoes of the two great men who came before him. With his vision and direction, and their guidance, the company has continued to evolve into new markets with a continuously expanding product line supported by the persistent modernization of all the company’s equipment and facilities.

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