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Comeau Marine Railway Limited operates a year-round drydock railway facility that can accommodate vessels up to 600 tons and is conveniently located adjacent to the Meteghan wharf on the southwest coast of Nova Scotia. Our services include the following: miscellaneous vessel and hydraulic repairs, marine mechanical services, high-pressure washing, industrial painting, metal, fibreglass and wooden refits, repairs and modifications, as well as machining and welding services.

As a community-based service, Comeau Marine has two 65-foot man lifts, a 26-ton boom truck, and a workboat readily available for service to the public.


Additionally, we have our own privatized and gated small vessel haul-out-drydock that's available to anyone who needs their boats repaired on dry land. We also operate a public stockroom that carries a steady inventory of critical marine components, safety gear, and industrial supplies for those last-minute requirements before going out to sea.

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