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While we've been maintaining and repairing all of our company vehicles and equipment in-house since 1946, thanks to our recent expansions and growth in full-time professionals, we're now able to offer all of our mechanical services to other businesses, the public, and our staff.

From smaller passenger light vehicles to heavy-duty semi-trailers, our head office in Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, has two enclosed and fully outfitted workshops that are open to everyone year-round. These workshops are equipped with four extra-large bays that can accommodate heavy commercial vehicles, up to 14 ft in height, and two additional bays reserved for smaller vehicles.



Our team consists of both experienced licensed technicians and heavy diesel mechanics who are certified to repair, maintain, and professionally inspect everything from consumer motor vehicles and forklifts to commercial vehicles exceeding 4500 kg in weight. Examples of the commercial equipment we service include fire trucks, school buses, motor homes, commercial trucks and trailers, as well as heavy-duty farm and construction equipment.

To book an appointment, please call our

main reception at 1(902)769-2101.



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