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Processing Facilities



Our scallop processing facility enables us to rapidly process, freeze, and pack our fresh scallops for shipment. Using our large commercial fishing vessels, our state-of-the-art processing methods, and our on-site distribution and logistics centre, we have the resources, the facility, and the experience to supply your company with the highest quality scallops straight from the sea to your home or business.



Between our Saulnierville and East Pubnico facilities, we process a variety of Atlantic herring products including herring roe, frozen fillets, and fresh herring fillets for domestic and international markets. Our pelagic herring facilities are also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which includes modern herring gender sorters that allow us to efficiently process roe for our customers.



Our modernized production facility is designed to transform our seafood into value-added "store-ready" packaged products that are certified to meet strict retail and food-service requirements. Our line of retail seafood products includes but is not limited to Comeau's Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, Evangeline Breaded Scallops and Cold-Smoked Atlantic Salmon. All those products are available for purchase in grocery stores across Atlantic Canada.




Our state-of-the-art closed-air industrial smoker is located next to our Saulnierville processing facilities. This modern smokehouse allows us to ensure a consistent production quality honouring traditional Danish curing and smoking methodologies true to Jorgen Willy Krauch's original recipes.

Our facility is equipped with the cold and hot-smoking apparatus required to process both our Comeau and J. Willy Krauch & Sons brands for the food service and retail markets. Some of our smoked fish products include our cold-smoked salmon, our hot-smoked mackerel, as well as our hot-smoked candied and maple pepper salmon.




Our low-temperature meal plant allows us to dry our wild-caught Atlantic herring by-products in a way that maximizes our herring meal's quality while avoiding unnecessary waste. As a company that values sustainability, we take great pride in knowing that no part of our Atlantic herring is left unused thanks to our ability to process 100 % of our fillet’s by-products.


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